Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY Earring Tin

I've been needing a place to store my earrings for awhile. Since we don't have extra money for crafts I decided to use some gift cards from our wedding and a mint tin.
It turned out really cute and was quite easy to make.
I've decided to share how to make it!
Lucky you!

Go buy some Altoids and when your done with the mints you can turn it into a cute tin!

 First paint the tin black {or whatever you want peaking through at the corners}
If you want a quick dry I found that hairdryers are quite amazing at getting the paint to dry nice and fast :)

Then trace the lid on the backside of the paper that you are using.

 Also cut strips to fit around the rim of the lid and the base of the tin.

Take the pieces you've cut out and glue them to tin.

After the glue has dried take some cute accessories and glue them on to your tin!

Now you have an adorable tin to hold things in!


Christy said...

Oh my gosh! I do just love this, and I've never thought of using altoid tins for storage! So much possibility!

aleisha said...

kylee this is so adorable!! you always know how to make anything look so cute! seriously though.

Amanda Allred said...

Oh my goodness Kylee!! You are so Creative.. Thanks for sharing with the world.. I especially like the Eiffel tower.. I've never been But upon learning french I've become obsessed! ;)