Friday, January 21, 2011

My goal for 2011

I've decided that I want to become more knowledgeable about the things I care about.
So as my New Years Resolution I've decided to pick one subject and read all about it until I know all I need to know about it. Whenever I am done with a subject I'll move onto the next one that interests me. 

Since the Gospel is very important to me I decided to start with that. There is of course many different subjects and so, since I've just been recently introduced to the Temple I thought it might be good for me to understand more about it. :)

Here are the books that I've found about Temples....

House of Learning -Richard Walker
Your Endowment -Mark A. Shields
The First 100 Temples -Chad S. Hawkins
Look to the Temple -Ed J. Pinegar
Temple Worship -Andrew C. Skinner
House of Glory -Michael S. Wilcox
The House of the Lord -James E. Talmage
The Mountain of the Lord -Chad S. Hawkins

And of course the Scriptures :)

I'm open to suggestions on which other books might be great for this category!

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